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The Urban Gypsy Style: Celebrity Edition

Ms. Zoë Kravitz, actress, singer, and daughter of two of the world's most eclectic celebrities. Zoë is very well known for her sense of style. I personally admire her because she is fearless and goes against the trends. She sticks to her chill, bohemian look and it works for her. She is the definition of a carefree black girl. Her signature braids sets her apart from other celebrities and you know it's her thing. I would describe Zoë's style as Bohemian-Grunge Goddess. Although she is well known for her movies like Dope, The Divergent Series, and Mad Max: Fury Road, she is also the lead vocalist for her band Lolawolf. Her music style can be seen as indie & specifically catered to a certain crowd. I chose these Zoë looks because the top one really reminded me of a Bohemian glam with the light brown overcoat and super long skirt. It's very laid back yet sophisticated, perfect for Zoë. The second look I chose because it's like a every day street look. It's laid back and perfect for a day out.

Up next, actress and singer, Vanessa Hudgens is the epitome of an Urban Gypsy. She is all about peace and love, positive vibes all around, and good vibrations. She could be seen as a modern day hippie and her fans definitely know it. I chose these Vanessa looks because they display the bohemian street style to the T. They both use the flowy elements; the top photo with the jacket and see through bottom, and the bottom photo with the black flowy skirt. Also the embellishments scream bohemian as well. While Vanessa is currently working on acting versus singing, no one has forgotten that she has some amazing vocals that we would love to hear soon. Her work on Grease Live! as Rizzo was amazzzzing and we're excited to see whatever she has coming next!

Jhene Aiko is a singer/songwriter. She has hits like "The Worst", "Spotless Mind", and "Bed Peace." She is known for her soothing tone and melodic sound, as well as her effortless honesty. I personally am a huge Jhene fan for her vibe and style. She is the definition of "carefree", her music is raw and honest and it pulls so many emotions out of you. But this isn't about her music, it's about her style. Jhene has the perfect Urban Gypsy look. She knows how to mix and match bohemian pieces with street pieces to create her signature style. Her style is seriously everything! It is relaxed, comfortable, and creative. She does her own thing and doesn't follow the trends. Between her raw and soulful music, bohemian style and lively tattoos, Jhene is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is so flashy. Jhene Aiko is the Soul Muva of The Urban Gypsy.

Check out our Urban Gypsy celebs below!

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