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Advice from a Gypsy: How to Overcome Laziness & Procrastination

Okay, so lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with my work load and my school work load. And I let that cause me to procrastinate and try to enjoy every bit of down time that I have. It's definitely hindering me from getting a lot of stuff done, as well as frustrating me when its "crunch time" and I need to turn in a bunch of assignments at once. It literally sometimes takes me hours to do one simple blog post, no matter how great the topic at hand is. So I decided to make this post in order to encourage myself and my readers to stop procrastinating and do what we have to do to get things done.

Idea One: Find your focus.

Try to center yourself when you are having a hard time pushing yourself. Remind yourself what you are working towards and why you need to push yourself. Focus on your goals and try to remember what you are working for.

Idea Two: Find a productive place.

I know a lot of people who do their homework in bed and end up getting too comfortable, falling asleep, or something. Not good. Me, personally I have to get on the floor, spread out all of my assignments, and get to work. So find your "work zone" that would be most helpful in making sure you get the work done.

Idea Three: Don't understand? Ask.

I know there have been a few times that I didn't completely understand an assignment and I kept pushing it off. So if you ever feel that confused and it's hindering you from getting your work done, just ask your instructor. You could email, text, or ask them in person. Whatever works best for you.

These are just a few tips of what I think can help me overcome procrastinating. Yes, putting away your phone can help as well but let's be honest, who's really going to do that? While you should minimize your time on it, putting it away completely is not the answer to all of the world's problems *insert sarcasm here*. Hopefully these few tips help you guys like they help me and good luck with finals!

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