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DIYs: The Urban Gypsy Way

Okay guys, so in my post about my photoshoot, I discussed making my own flower crown. As I was searching for the perfect flower crown for the photoshoot, I found it really complicated finding one for a decent price. On the website Etsy, people were selling them for like $50 which to me seems pretty ridiculous. $50 for a headband made of fake flowers?! No thank you. I knew there was an easier way of obtaining one, so I decided to make one myself. I found a DIY flower crown from Lauren Conrad's website and it was history from there. Making the crown myself was much more rewarding and cost effective than I thought it would have been. Here are the steps I took to create my very own flower crown via (all of the materials I used can be found at any Walmart with a craft section):


  • floral wire (we used this one)

  • floral tape (you can buy some here)

  • floral wire cutters

  • greenery

  • flowers (real of faux, your choice!)


1. Take a piece of floral wire and form it into a circular shape. Rest it atop your head to see how long you need the wire to be to form a loose crown around your head. Cut off excessive wire, and form the rest into a circular shape. Tape the circle shut with floral tape multiple times to ensure security.

2. Choose your greens and flowers. You’ll want to start your crown with a layer of pretty greenery that covers the wire, which will act as the base of your crown. Once you have your greenery, you’ll tape it to the crown with your floral tape.

3. Once you have greenery taped to the crown, it’s time to add your flowers. To attach each flower to the crown, make sure the flower stems are at least 3 inches long (you can cut off excess stems with scissors or wire cutters, I used scissors for mine), and, using floral tape, tape the stem to the crown. Just like for the greenery, you’ll want to wrap the tape around the stem about four to five times to make sure it stays.

4. Add flowers to as much or as little of the rest of the crown as you’d like. You can add as many as you want to give your crown a big, full look or as little as you want for a sweet and subtle look, its up to you!

And here's a look at the final product:

I hope you guys have an easy time recreating this if you'd like!

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