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Month of Love: Jay-Z & Beyoncé❣️✨

Continuing my Month of Love series, this week's couple is none other than Jay-Z & Beyoncé! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan. I'm not one of those crazy, obsessed fans who bash anyone who doesn't agree with their views, but I do respect both of their hard work and artistry. I grew up with my dad listening to Jay-Z a lot during my childhood, (he would literally make me change his ringtone to "Big Pimpin" every single time he got a new phone 😹); and Beyoncé has always been a staple in most black women's music catalogs since the late 90's, early 2000's.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have reportedly started their relationship around 1999-2002. They met, collaborated on a few songs, and hung out a few times in the public eye. However, they have always kept quiet about their relationship. They never quite actually confirmed it, while throwing hints throughout both of their music.

Because I was a huge fan of the both of them musically, of course I was all here for their union. I remember being in a computer class in the 6th grade hearing about Jay & Bey getting married, I thought it was pretty dope because you never really see celebrities, especially black celebrities, make it to that point or even be together for that long. I'm one of those people that is in love with love. I love seeing people in love & I love seeing people happy. So seeing two popular, successful, black people together for as long as they have really showed me that it is possible to have it all: love, success, and wealth.

I know that not all couples are perfect, & Jay & Bey have managed to keep the bulk of their relationship private, recently it was confirmed that there has been rough times during their marriage. There has been numerous rumors about infidelity on Jay's part, and on April 23, 2016, Beyoncé released her Grammy nominated (should've been Grammy WON, but that's a different story for a different time) album Lemonade which confirmed the couple's troubles. Many people began to focus on that one aspect of the album, but missed the entire point of it all; yes he was not faithful the entire time but they worked on it and they are stronger than ever. The transparency of that album made me respect Beyoncé so much more because she took a risk and let the fans into their lives. But the fact that she was able to forgive and move forward after that showed so much strength and it showed how much she loves him. I applaud her for it because I know that I couldn't deal.

People can say whatever they want about those two but I genuinely believe that they love each other. Whenever I see pictures or clips of them together or with their daughter Blue, they just look so complete and happy. While I don't know what goes on behind closed door, I can say that I love how they love each other. I love how they support each other, I love their family dynamic and how she can be a wife, a mother, and a world renown entertainer. He doesn't hold her back, and publicly supports his wife proudly. I believe that they are truly the definition of a power couple. They have love, a strong family bond, and wealth, while displaying what it truly means to love and forgive. I know that relationships aren't easy but it's pretty dope being able to see them get through the rough patches. It's cool that they let us view a part of their lives in the public eye, while keeping the most personal things to themselves; it's pretty impressive.

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