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Month of Love: Monica & Quincy ✨❣️🏀

*SPOILERS AHEAD: I apologize in advance but it's 2017. If you haven't seen this movie, youre not living! 😩*

So this week in the Month of Love series, I decided to highlight my favorite motion picture couple; Quincy & Monica from Love & Basketball. Every time I even see pictures or clips from this movie I get the same feels every single time. I chose this couple because no matter how much BET plays this movie, I never get tired of it because of the romance that it is centered around.

Love & Basketball is about two people Monica Wright & Quincy McCall who meet each other as kids when Monica's family moves next to Quincy's and the two bond over their love of basketball. After a few rough patches, the two develop a feisty friendship because they support each other but they constantly throw jabs at one another. They both grow to play basketball for their high school; Monica goes to all of Quincy's games and Quincy goes to all of Monica's.

Being close friends and neighbors, they often saw a lot of each other; whether good or bad. Monica was there for him when his parents fought, and girls would often try to go through Monica to get to Quincy. It was cool at first, but after realizing she had feelings for Quincy, she wasn't into that anymore.

During their senior year, the two realized that had feelings for each other during their school's spring dance. Monica was a tomboy and would often avoid wearing dresses or getting girly, so after Q saw her all dolled up, he saw a woman in her and not his "homegirl". That's the moment that he realized he had more feelings for her than he thought. Later that night, Monica gets an acceptance letter from USC & Q opens it for her because she was too nervous to do it herself. They get excited because they're going to the same school, then they have sex.

They end up going to school together & everything is all good until Quincy started going through some personal things & he felt that Monica wasn't there for him. In Monica's defense, she worked so hard playing basketball to finally get respect from her coach and other players that she had to make sure that she focused on that. Reach your goals girl. They end up breaking up, Quincy went on to play pro basketball for the Lakers & Monica played for a team in Spain. While Quincy was making it big, Monica struggled being so far away from family and friends but doesn't want to leave her career behind because they're doing so well (they even won a championship).

Quincy gets hurt, Monica returns to the U.S. to see him for the first time in years. He is now engaged and it hurts her because she realizes that she still has feelings for Q. Monica officially moves back to the U.S. after realizes that her feelings towards basketball aren't the same & starts working a regular office job. Her and Quincy reconnect and a few days before his wedding she challenges his feelings towards her through basketball. She says that if she wins, it's because deep down he knows he wants to be with Monica; but, if he wins she would buy him a wedding gift. Q goes on to beat Monica and while she sadly walks away, he calls "double or nothing", showing that he doesn't want to marry his fiancée and wants to rekindle things with Monica. The movie then fast forwards and shows that Monica is now married to Quincy, they have a daughter, and Monica is in the WNBA.

When I tell you that every time I watch that final scene I feel so many feels, it's indescribable. I can never get tired of it. Quincy and Monica show that true love never dies, no matter what it goes through. If it's meant to be, it will be. Yes, I know that no one wants to wait 5+ years for the love of their life to finally see what they want but at the end of the day it's a bomb movie with a dope plot. I love how they grew up together and matured. I love how they supported each other thorough whatever, and managed to stay close. It shows what true love and patience could get you. To this day I get super excited when I hear "I'll Go" by Donnell Jones. If you haven't watched it yet, please do yourself a big favor and do so. Its definitely in my top 5 favorite movies.

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