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Month of Love: Big Sean & Jhené Aiko❣️✨🎤

It's the last Monday of February and I was really racking my mind about which couple would get my last spot. I have respect for so many couples like Barack & Michelle, Will & Jada, even Remy Ma & Papoose; but I just didn't have the feeling I usually get when I talk about the other couples I've posted before, it just didn't sit right. Then it hit me: Big Sean & Jhené Aiko.

Big Sean is a rapper born in Santa Monica, CA but was raised in Detroit, Michigan (which is what he reps). Jhené is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. They both were born in March 1988, and are currently 28. This is where their group name Twenty88 comes from. I have been a HUGE fan of Jhené ever since her B2K days & Sean ever since he dropped his first single "My Last". According to them both, they have always had chemistry but never explored options because they were always involved with someone. Sean had a few high profile relationships and Jhené was married for a couple of years. There's various conflicting stories about how the two started because they kept their relationship so private in the beginning but nevertheless, no one could deny their obvious chemistry whenever the two are seen together.

In different interviews, they both said that they had their first date years ago at a basketball game; however Jhené was in a relationship with someone else so the relationship did not go very far; but remained close friends throughout. They then collaborated on a few songs, the first being "Beware" (2013), "I Know" (2015), then releasing their joint album Twenty88 (2016). When Sean released the single "Beware" featuring Jhené, he was engaged to his ex Naya Rivera. While recording his album Dark Sky Paradise (2015) which has the song "I Know" on it, Sean was dating Ariana Grande.

While Jhené's timeline with her ex-husband is partially unknown, it is known that she was married for at least a year and a half to a producer named Dot Da Genius. They split before Sean & Jhené became a thing, so I would say about the beginning of 2016. According to some hints from Jhené, Dot was physically abusive towards her and her upcoming music while tell her side of the story.

The relationship rumors between the two began to fly around February of 2016, while recording their Twenty88 album. They were seen hanging out together all over social media & the blogs. Personally I always thought they had pretty dope chemistry and was super excited when it was revealed that they're dating. Sean has a cool, laid back rapping style that flows so well with Jhené's eccentric and soulful music; and who doesn't love when two bomb artists come together & make great music while being head over heels for each other?!

I love their music, I love how low key they are about their personal lives while letting their fans get a slight peak through their snapchats and instagram posts. I love how supportive they are of one another, (if you haven't seen Big Sean check radio host, Charlamange tha God you need to, it's adorable). As you guys know from my celebrity style post, I love Jhené's style. She's the perfect definition of an Urban Gypsy; mix that with Sean's dope street style and you get a super fan out of me (Lol). Check out these pics of my final favorite couple for the Month of Love series below ❣️.

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