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The Urban Gypsy's Go To Beauty Look

The Urban Gypsy Blog is happy to be back with a new look and new content! ✨ I had so much going on with my classes the last few months it was ridiculous. I took 4 instead of 3 and they were all super demanding. But I made it through with high scores and I am ready to give my all to The Urban Gypsy Blog. I will post content on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and hip hop culture (meaning music, topics in the black community, celebrities, etc.)

Today I'm bringing you guys a post about my go to beauty products that I use to give myself a simple, natural beat. First off, I want to say that I'm not by any means a beauty guru. I can barely get out of the bed on time to make it to class, let alone wake up even earlier to do a full face everyday; but whenever I do: these few products help me to achieve the perfect, natural look.


1) Tools

I start off with my set of brushes from BH Cosmetics, and my Real Techniques beauty blender. These brushes have been a staple in my makeup bag for about a year now. As I said I don't really wear makeup everyday so they've lasted pretty long. They are soft, they're cute, and they come in a little pink and black polka dot case so they're great for travel. The only downside to them is that the brush options are kind of limited so if you're really into makeup and know what you're doing, I wouldn't recommend these. To be honest, it's time for some new brushes for this Gypsy.

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge is definitely one of the best "beauty blenders" that's out right now and it's affordable. The original beauty blenders sell for about $20, while these sell for about $5 at Walmart. This one is super soft gives your skin an even blend which leaves your skin with a very smooth look. I tend to use mine a little damp because I think it gives me the best outcome.

2) Primer, Foundation, Concealer, & Contour

To start my face, I use my Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer. Personally, I think I have really big pores and it's especially noticeable when I wear makeup. But this primer is a God send. My pores are noticeably much smaller after applying thoroughly, especially on my cheeks. After applying the primer, I then go on to applying my Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation. When I tell y'all that this is the BEST foundation I've ever used I'm not lying. This thing literally lasts FOREVER on your face without needing to retouch it. I've worn this to hot, sweaty parties, to the beach, and in the pool and it does not budge. The only thing that's a downside is that it's kind of pricey. I bought mine from Sephora for $42, but it's really worth it. I guess you guys can say that I swear by Smashbox because my concealer also comes from their brand too. The Smashbox 24 Hour Concealer is another go to of mine. As I said, it lasts forever and does not need to be reapplied. It's so bomb.

Now, the contour stick that I use is my Nyx Wonder Stick Highlight/Concealer. I am not too big on contour because I honestly never take the time to learn how to do it properly; however, I do use this stick to contour my nose, cheeks, and forehead sometimes.

3) Highlight, Blush, & Translucent Powder

I personally like to put on translucent powder right after contouring. Not sure if that's how its usually done but that's how this chick does it. I like to apply it under my eyes after concealing and over my cheek and forehead contour. The translucent powder that I currently use is the Airspun Loose Face Powder that I bought from Walgreens. It's super affordable and it works really well; it holds and it does not leave white tint or anything. I do want to try some other, more high end powders but for now this one is my favorite.

Blush is a tricky thing. You put too much, you look like a clown, you don't put enough, your face may look bare. I don't apply blush EVERY time I do a face but most times. The blush that I like to use is the Sephora Colorful Collection in the color Oh My Gosh. I think this blush looks soooo good on darker skin tones, and at first I thought it was too orange but I was wrong. That orange undertone really goes well with my skin color. I just apply a little to my cheeks, and if its too much, i just take fan brush and take a little off.

Now my favorite part of doing my makeup.........HIGHLIGHT! Highlight is like the key to making your face pop. It accentuates the cheek and nose area and it just brings the look all together. The highlight I use is the Becca Topaz Highlighter. Now this highlighter is kind of expensive, I paid $38 from Sephora, BUT I know that the Wet n' Wild highlighter is a great dupe if you don't want to spend that much on a product.

4) Extras

The last couple of items that I like to use to pull my look together are my Forever 21 lip plumper, Sephora Collection Felt Tip Liner, Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara, and Make Up Forever Setting Spray. All of these, aside from the setting spray are optional; but I do enjoy using them; and lately I've been doing lashes (not pictured). When I tell y'all that lashes have been a struggle for me for THE LONGEST, I am not exaggerating. But I got it now and I'm feeling it.


Trust me, I know some of this stuff is pretty pricey, BUT the trick is to buy them separately. I would buy one product, then wait a couple of days (even weeks sometimes) and buy another. Also READ THE REVIEWS. That's one thing I love to do with anything. Clothes, makeup, even food places. I will spend forever reading reviews to make sure that the product is worth it.

Well that's the end of my go to products, what's some of yours?

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