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My Growing Obsession: Slides

Hey Gypsies! I'm back with another post! I've decided to start posting every two weeks versus every week. That way I will be able to focus on school, work, AND blogging while not running out of ideas too quickly. This week's post is dedicated to all of the slides I love and own. Everyone who knows me knows I wear slides at least 3 times a week because they're super comfortable and I'm always on the go. I love being fashionable and functional, especially while I'm in class. When I came up with this idea, I thought I had way more than I actually do but trust me, the collection is surely going to expand. Everyone says I have too much but 4 doesn't seem like overkill to me. But anyways, I'm going to list the pros and cons of all of the slides I own for people who are interested in purchasing.


The Nike Women's Benassi

Slides were the first pair I've ever purchased. These are like the "holy grail" of all slides. Everyone I know has or has had them in the past. Funny story, I actually only bought these slides because the whole "make your own fur slides" thing was in style and I was determined to make my own pair. I already owned a glue gun, so I went to Kohl's and purchased my slides, then I went to a local craft store and purchased a fuzzy boa for detail. The slides came out so bomb and I wore them all the time. Of course, the hot glue and the material of the slides didn't mesh well together, and the fur would slip a lot, so I just ended up removing the fur and wearing them as regular slides. The pros to these are: they're comfortable, durable, and great for people with wider feet. However, having narrow feet, they tend to make my feet look like they're being swallowed by the slide. I usually wear an 8.5 in all of my shoes, but there were not available in half sizes so I went to a 9. It shouldn't make THAT much of a difference but compared to other slides, they swallow my foot and make my toes look really long. They feel really wide and really long compared to some of my other pairs, so if you enjoy a wide fit, these are the slides for you.

I wanted these slides soooo badly. I missed the initial release AND the restock, had to wait for another restock then I FINALLY got them, a size too small. Like too small to a point where I absolutely could not wear them. My roommate (who wears about a size and a half down from me) could fit them perfectly, that's how small they were. I ordered my normal size, an 8.5 so I returned them (which I hate doing, and ordered another size up. These slide only come in half sizes so I had to go up to a 9.5. Once my new size came in, I still thought they were too small but they kind of fit JUST right. I had to get use to the way the felt and now I wear these almost once a day. I wear them around my apartment, to the pool, to the beach, etc. They are made of a rubber material so they can stand to be around water and are easily cleaned. I would recommend these slides to people who want a simplistic shoe that they can wear whenever with almost anything. They come in black and white so they match relatively any color in any closet.

Now these, these freakin slides were such a hot topic when they first released. The internet went crazy over them, every popular Instagram girl had them, and they sold out crazy fast. I even think the website crashed during the process but anywho; after waiting for a rerelease, I was able to get my pair in pink and I was elated! I originally wanted the black pair because the color is more versatile but the pink were the only pair available in my size. I ordered those and to this day I have no regrets! These are absolutely the lightest pair of slides that I own. They make you feel like you're walking on air. These are also only available in half sizes so I have an 8.5 and they weren't too small. I personally think they also fit a little wider and longer but they don't make my toes look long like the Nike slides so I'm fine with the fit. One more thing, since the color of th slides are so light, they also tend to get dirty kind of fast. The soles are easy to clean, just make sure you keep up with them. If you want something light, airy, and fashion forward, then these are the slides for you!

Now, the only reason I have these listed as honorable mention is because I personally think these are sandals and not "slides" but my boyfriend swears they're slides so here they are. Towards the beginning of this past spring, I started thinking about buying a pair, then it seemed like I started seeing them EVERYWHERE! I work in a clothing store where lots of college students shop regularly, and it seemed like every single one of them had a pair so I knew I needed mine. I got them around the end of April and I originally wanted them in the Mocha color, but the store that I went to only had them in Stone, so I went with those. Since I actually got these in store instead of ordering them, I was able to try on the size 8 and the size 9 to see which one worked for me. Both seemed kind of small but the associate that was helping me out told me that if I went up one more size then a 10 would really be too big, so I went with the 9 and at first I still thought they stopped a little short but the more I wore them, the better they felt. I went home, adjusted the straps and they felt perfect! These are definitely my go to shoe for class. They're not as recreational as the Ivy Park slides, but they're also not as delicate as the Fenty x Puma slides. They're also very durable because of the material used to make them. I've even read reviews of people saying that theirs have lasted for years. The only thing about them is that they're kind of expensive. These usually run for about $100 but it's very worth it! So if you want something long lasting and don't mind spending a little extra on it, then these are the slides (sandals) for you!


Now that's all I have for my collection so far, I know there's a bunch more that I want to add. For one, Rihanna and Puma just released the spring colorway for the fur slides that consists of a lavender, light blue, and mint green. I reeeeaaaally want the light blue pair to go with my pink, so I might have to make that move and get those. I also really want the Nike Benassi Duo Ultra Slide. Those are basically the same as the ones I already have but with an extra strap. I just love the look of them and I know I would wear them all the time. On a higher scale, if I had the coin, I would get the Chanel Gold Chain slides, the Gucci Pursuit Bloom slides, and the Givenchy Logo slides. But hopefully those slide dreams will come true one of these days. What slides are y'alls personal favorites?

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