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Why Time Management is So Important!!

So I'm sitting here, just got home from work, trying to figure out my next blog post. I have a notebook full of ideas but nothing I want to execute yet because there's a certain way I want to go about it. I haven't done the right research, or taken the right photos to include in the article; it's all frustrating. Then I realize that this could all be avoided if I managed my time differently. I have to juggle work, school, and blogging and sometimes it can be overwhelming, but I LOVE blogging, so I have to make it flow within my daily life. It's my choice, and I've invested so much time and energy into it that I think I would be lost without it.

Currently, I am blogging every two weeks which I think works best for my time and mental state because every week can be extremely overwhelming while trying to keep my GPA high. People always say that employers don't care about your college GPA but knowing that I am putting my best work out there and giving my all in my school work makes me feel good. So yes, I want to have a high GPA and I want to be able to put a lot of energy in my school work.

Work I don't enjoy as much. Well, I enjoy my coworkers but who really enjoys work? Unless it's like a dream job. But it's not like I can just stop working to save myself time to work on blogging and my brand more. Work is what puts food in my mouth and clothes on my back so for now I have to go.

The only thing this boils down to is managing my time better when it comes to juggling all three. School and work are basically two set schedules so like they say "you make time for what you want." I know I love blogging so I need to make time for it without over extending myself and avoiding my schoolwork. I'm currently sitting here on a Saturday night, tired from work but also trying to get my post for Monday together now versus trying to squeeze it out Sunday because my Sunday's are usually dedicated to homework for the week. With this week being midterm week at my school, it tends to get extremely hectic. I have crazy projects and tests to study for and complete; it gets so overwhelming. The bottom line is, time management is super important when trying to balance so many things that are vital in life. Without proper time management, I end up frustrated, flustered, and feeling crunched for time. I HAVE to make time for all of these different things I have going on. I need to learn how to separate leisure and business. I need to start focusing on expanding my brand and that may mean missing out on some fun things but that's okay. I hope you guys are managing your time wisely and making great choices in your everyday lives. Spreading positive vibes always!

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