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10 Celebrity Kids with Dope Fashion $ense

What's up Gypsies! So sorry this post is so late but ya girl has been so busy. Finishing finals AND starting a new job has taken a toll on me, BUT it's currently fall break and I'm ready to get back to blogging. Today's post is about 10 celebrity kids with crazy dope fashion sense. Now when I say celebrity kids I mean children of celebrities. Ones who have been in the spotlight since birth and now have a following of their own, whether it's for their own creative careers or just a huge following on social media. Here are my picks of 10 Celebrity Kids with Dope Fashion $ense (in no particular order).

Now, Miss Ming Lee is the 17 year old daughter of mogul Russell Simmons and model/mogul/overall inspiration in my life Kimora Lee Simmons. Actually, Ming was the inspiration for this particular post. After seeing the below picture, I realized that I wanted to shout out my favorite fashionistas and trendsetters with famous parents. Ming is slowly starting to make a name for herself in the fashion world through her professional model work with brands and eye catching Insta pics. For a 17 year old, her style is very sophisticated and classy; but hey, what do you expect from the daughter of a model/designer?

Taina Williams is the 19 year old daughter of celebrity stylist Emily Bustamante and the step-daughter of Emily's partner and rapper Fabolous. I was first introduced to Taina when she made an appearance on Love & Hip Hop, with her mom. I started following her on Instagram and have been loving her style ever since. I would describe Taina's style as urban chic. You can catch her in anything from an elegant two piece suit, to a dope jersey (word to Fab), jeans, and sneakers. If you're not familiar with her or her style, check out her IG (link in her name above).

Jaden Smith is a pretty big celebrity in his own right. He has been in various films, television shows (#BringBackTheGetDown), and even recently released his very own anime. While having a pretty big name family, he has managed to keep his individuality when it comes to his career, beliefs, and fashion sense. I would describe Jaden as effortlessly rebellious. His color blocking dances across the edge of eclectic and random while pairing that with shapes that are not usually seen on a daily. He doesn't follow the trends and he makes his own rules. He does his own thing and it's super respectable, especially in a time where everyone tends to follow trends.

Now you guys know I can't talk about one eccentric Smith without talking about the other. As I stated with Jaden, Willow also keeps her sense of individuality among her famous family. Willow is the youngest out of the family, and she is the only girl. Willow made her musical debut in 2010 with her song "Whip My Hair". Along with music, Willow has also dabbled in acting; but it is apparent that her passion is her music. I would describe Willow's style as grunge hipster. She can be seen on the red carpet in dope pant suits, or out and about rocking over sized denim. One thing I do appreciate about their famous parents Will & Jada Pinkett Smith is that they let their children be free. Willow has had her own sense of style since she has been in the spotlight and it's one of the most purest things I've seen.

Zonnique is the 21 year old daughter of singer/Xscape group member Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and the step-daughter of rapper T.I. Zonnique is a former member of the singing group The OMG Girlz and is now making waves as a signer in a solo singing career. Her first EP Love Jones was release in March of this year and trust me y'all, it bangs. Every song on the track is a banger and I listen to it frequently. But this isn't a post about her music, it's about her style. Zonnique has a unique style. Kind of like 90's with a modern flare. She can be seen in lots of denim, crops tops, and sneakers. She has a real laid back type of vibe and I'm a fan of it.

Christian Combs is the 19 year old son on rapper/mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs and model Kim Porter. I haven't been following Christian much but I do know that his style is really dope. If you don't know (which I don't know how you couldn't) his dad was a pretty big deal in the 90's with music and fashion, and it seems like Christian is starting to follow in his dad's footsteps. He's starting his own rap career and his style is very similar to what they wore back in the day. You can spot Christian in vintage hip hop related t-shirts, jeans, and dope sneakers.

Vanessa is the eldest daughter of rapper Rev. Run of Run DMC. Vanessa started making her mark in the fashion industry since she was a teenager through modeling and having a sneaker line (Pastry) with younger sister Angela Simmons. She has also done a bit of acting in a few films. Ironically, Vanessa is the cousin of Ming Lee Simmons who is also on this list. I guess you can call them a fashionable family like the Smiths. Vanessa also recently launched her own clothing line, Bad Butterfly. I would describe Vanessa's style as glamorous. She is always seen rocking blazers, skirts, pant suits, etc. Being a mom, I definitely think you see a sexy and sophisticated style coming from her.

Zoe Kravitz is the 28 year old daughter of actress Lisa Bonet and singer/musician Lenny Kravitz. She is an actress in her own right and is most known for her bohemian style. Zoe has made a huge name for herself in Hollywood. She has starred in many movies that were a hit at the box office. Apart from acting, she also is the singer/lead for her band Lolawolf. Having modeled in a few magazines and advertisements, Zoe has also been a pretty frequent name among designers and brands. I would describe Zoe's style as "elegant bohemian". She knows how to glam it up on the red carpet but also has a unique sense of street style. Being able to flow between the two so effortlessly is one of my favorite things about her.

Selah Marley is the 18 year old daughter of rapper/singer Lauryn Hill and entrepreneur/son of Bob Marley, Rohan Marley. Selah is definitely making her mark on the fashion industry, having modeled for brands like Starter for Urban Outfitters, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Ivy Park and being featured in Teen Vogue and 10 Magazine. From her Instagram, you can see that Selah is definitely a free spirit and her style represents that. I would describe Selah's style as an urban hippie. She is really into bright bold colors, in addition to dope street wear. I have just recently started following Selah and I am definitely excited to see where her career is headed.

We all know this next addition to the list. Whether it's for her iconic role in the hit television show Girlfriends, or for her current hit show Black-ish. Tracee is the daughter of legend, Diana Ross, but the fact that she has such a successful career of her own is so respectable. She is very well known for her big hair and even bigger personality. Tracee has a style that screams sophistication and class. She has been featured in various fashion magazines and has worked with many brands over the years; having just recently been involved in Kenzo's Spring/Summer 2017 campaign.

So there we have it, these are my 10 picks of the most stylish celebrity kids. If you are interested in checking out any of these celebrities Instagram accounts, they are all included in their names listed above. Just click the name and it'll take you directly there. Do you agree with my list? Or do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments section below, and while this post was very late, you can expect the regularly scheduled post this coming Monday October 2, 2017! See you then.

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