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The Urban Gypsy Blog: A Reflection

When I first started The Urban Gypsy Blog, it was just a school assignment that I figured I’d hold on to. Last week, on October 16th I was supposed to post a blog, however, the day came and went and I didn’t post. When I realized that October 16th was the day I began this blog I grew frustrated. I grew frustrated because I felt as if the blog was becoming very stagnant. Do not get me wrong, I love blogging, I think it is one of the best decisions I've ever made. However, with the one year anniversary of my blog passing, I found myself with no topic for the week, no time to even think of one, and no motivation to pull one out on the spot. I am a college senior who has just recently started a new job and works many hours because I am planning to buy myself my very first car for my birthday. So sometimes, I feel like I have way too many things on my plate at once, and I may ignore my blog which later frustrates me because I want to post, I enjoy creating new content for other people to read and enjoy. It's not even the matter of time management, it just seems like I don't always have time.

At first, I believed that I had to be on a set schedule in order to gain a following and all of that, but once I tried to force myself into posting a certain time, it seemed like I slowly started having less and less available time to post. So now I am debating on whether to continue with my set schedule, or to post when I have the time and a great topic. I'm not sure yet but I think I am leaning more towards the latter. Sometimes I think, maybe it's my environment that is stopping me from feeling as motivated as I could. I say this because I am in school, I am living in student housing so I'm around college aged people 24/7. Being in college gives you so much more freedom and allows for more things like parties and going out a lot more. In high school I was never much of a party person, so now I enjoy going out on the weekends and having a good time, but being a blogger I end up feeling guilty when I had a great weekend, my homework is done, but I have no content to post. Seeing all of my friends being able to go home and sleep after class but I'm up late trying to get inspiration anywhere. It all can grow really frustrating.

Not many people truly knows what it takes to be a blogger. It can be a very rewarding thing, but also can be discouraging, especially when you're seeing other bloggers grow at a steady pace and you feel like you're going nowhere. I'm slowly gaining more, and more subscribers but it's not growing as quickly as I would like. I know that all things take time, and I should just continue doing what I'm doing, but sometimes, I just think I'm comparing my blog to what I see others doing and that's not good. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but my blog is my safe space, and I just believe that this was the best way to vent about what's going on with it. I'm honestly already feeling better since I first began to write this post.

From this moment on, I plan to change up the aesthetic of The Urban Gypsy Blog once again, change up the aesthetic of my Instagram, and see where all of this takes me. I'm going to continue to post what ideas may come to me, and I will try to stick to the bi-weekly basis, or at the very least, posting once a month. Thankfully, a few things are on the up and up for me and I will have more content to post, and letting you guys know what's going on. I thank each and everyone who is supporting the blog, re-tweeting my posts on Twitter, liking my posts on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribing! I appreciate each and every one of you. I really hope you guys are enjoying what I'm producing and I would love for us to interact more, so if you could please give me feedback, let me know what you want to hear, let me know which posts are your favorite, and just continue to like, comment, and subscribe to the blog if you haven't already. I appreciate you all so much. See you soon!

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