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Life Update: Graduating College, Engaged, YouTube?

Alright Gypsies, ya girl's vacation is officially OVER. Now when I say vacation, I don't mean heading back to work or anything; I'm currently without a job but I'll explain all of that later in this post. However, I'm referring to getting back into the habit of weekly (or biweekly) blogging, actively pursuing my career, and many more endeavors that I have been putting off for a while.

First of, let's start with, YA GIRL IS A COLLEGE GRADUATE! Yes, I got my Bachelor of Art in Fashion Marketing/Management June 15, 2018 and I honestly still can't believe it. Granted it technically JUST happened, but still, it feels like just yesterday I was pulling my hair out over finals and stressing which professors or classes I would have each quarter. College was such a fun time for me though; the friends I have made taught me so many life lessons and I cherish them so much more than I could ever say. We created so many memories and I honestly don't know how I would've pulled through without them, and I'm going to miss them so much. My college experience was definitely one for the books, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, it has always been my plan to move to Atlanta once I graduated for two reasons: 1) I never wanted to live in Charleston (not very fashion forward but great for food & beverage businesses) and 2) my man is there, duh. Ha, but no seriously, I never felt quite comfortable as a creative in Charleston. People would stare at my outfit choices as if I were some kind of circus act because I wasn't into wearing shorts and tee shirts, or sundresses and maxi skirts 24/7. However, I digress; my move to Atlanta is officially done and I can say it definitely has its pros and cons. Pros: big city, lots of things to do, more career opportunities, more networking events. Cons: TRAFFIC. Seriously, that is the only thing I hate about the city. I have severe driving anxiety so it's not easy for me to just hop in the car and go, but I know I will slowly get there. Ya girl refuses to let that hold her back. I allowed myself a couple weeks of "vacation" where I did not worry about working or looking for a job, just so I can decide what I wanted to do and things I wanted to focus on, but now the job hunt is in full affect and I am feeling so positive about it all. I also reached out to a photographer through one of my close friends and I'm looking forward to shooting very soon!

With all this new stuff going on, I have been documenting it all on camera. So yes, I guess I'm in the process of starting a YouTube channel. I will keep my blog up and running because writing is my first love, but I also really like documenting my life and reliving it on camera. My channel will be very vlog based, with maybe a few challenges here and there. I'm nervous because I feel like I'm opening my life to a lot of people, but I also control what I decide to put out there, so I should just stop psyching myself out. I'm not sure exactly when I want to publish my first vlog, but I am actively looking for the perfect video editor for Windows (if y'all have any suggestions they would be GREATLY appreciated) and recording lots of content that I can't wait to put out. I'm thinking about having my first video be my engagement video.

That's right y'all, TayGee, The Urban Gypsy is ENGAGED!!!!! I still can't believe it. Haha. My love proposed to me at my graduation party and I honestly had no clue what was going on. My dad was so excited he almost ruined it. We had all my close family and most of my friends, his immediate family, it was great. I honestly am still in shock because it just all feels surreal. I feel kind of crazy saying I'm still in shock after almost a month but hey, it's the truth. I am in love with my engagement ring, my fiancé got it custom made especially for me and when he told me that I MELTED. I can't believe how meticulous he was when it came to make me happy. I love him so much; and I'm obsessed with my ring. It's a beautiful gold band with diamonds going around it, and a round cut diamond. I could cry just reliving the moment. My best friend Mayia also helped him with a concept of what I wanted, and she caught the whole engagement on my vlog camera.

All in all, these last few months of my life have been a whirlwind. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders ever since I graduated. I have such a clear head space now that I don't have hundreds of things going on. While I do not have a therapist here in Georgia, I do have my emotional support dog, Tyke (who I love and am so thankful to have in my life), and I plan to get a therapist very soon. My anxiety has been up and down but my depression has not been a problem in months which makes me so happy. I cannot wait to see what else life has in store for me. Sending positive vibes to each and every one of my readers!

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