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End of the Year Goals ✨

Whew chile, it's been a long two months since my last post. And while a few things have changed here and there, nothing much has changed at all. Lol I just feel like I’ve been in a creative coma. Meaning the creativity isn’t completely dead but it wasn’t functioning at the time. I started a new job, my schedule got thrown off, my car is having a small issue, like it was so much going on all at once and my head was SPINNING. I'm not the type of person to handle drastic change well, but I am slowly learning to roll with the punches, dust myself off, and keep going.

While I'm sitting here, watching one of my favorite, scripted, fashion-forward shows The Bold Type, and feeling like I'm not anywhere near I want to be with my blog, so it's time for me to get off my ass and do what I have to do 🤷🏽‍♀️. As I'm sitting here, watching these ladies do their dream jobs, handle day-to-day complications, and just juggle their personal lives, I realize that I feel like these last few months have been flying by. I NEED TO SET SOME GOALS 🗣! So I sat down, and compiled a list of small goals I want to hit before the year is over.

1.) Find the perfect job.

While I enjoy the job and people I work with now, I know that there is something out there for me that aligns with my degree much more. I am currently a bridal stylist and it's such a fun and intriguing career. However I really miss working on marketing, PR, and merchandising projects that I am use to doing. So I feel that if I found something geared more towards those aspects of fashion, I would feel more fulfilled in my career path.

2.) Have the most bomb birthday party.

This year, on November 27th, I turn 23. One, I feel like where the heck are my years going and two, I want to have the most fun birthday party I have ever had. I already have a possible location, and a definite theme, I just have to make sure everything can go the way I have it in my head. I'm a pretty simple girl, so the idea I have isn't anything too grandiose, but it's very fun, and fits my personality well. My last two birthdays have just been very lowkey with close friends, so I feel like for my "Jordan Year", I can have more fun and go all out.

3.) Secure my wedding venue.

Bro, you never really realize how competitive bridal can be until you a.) start working in bridal, or b.) start planning a wedding yourself. I have the pleasure (term used loosely 😅 ) of doing both simultaneously. So I see it from the brides point of view, but also from an insiders point of view, It's an interesting place to be in. However, Mic and I found a venue that we absolutely fell in love with. It's has huge windows, but still in a church setting. It's the perfect place for the boho chic vibe in which we're trying to create. However, venues tend to book QUICK. So we have to jump on it ASAP to secure the date in which we want to get married. Excited isn't even the word for how I feel right now!

4.) Do another photo shoot.

I have not done a shoot since I graduated in June and I've been itching to get in front of the camera. I've been meeting photographers here and there and I don't care whether its my engagement shoot or just me, solo. I just need to come up with a theme, and a location and its lit.

5.) Buy a MacBook.

My 5th a final goal for the end of the year is to FINALLY by myself a MacBook. Last year, for my birthday, my big purchase was my car. This year, my big purchase (besides my bomb birthday party) will be a MacBook Air. It's been SO hard trying to edit videos on the software I found that's compatible with Windows, and I think just being able to start with iMovie will be a lot easier and much for effective. Plus it runs a lot smoother and much more efficient than the laptop I have now. Also now that I have more of a set schedule, I want to be more consistent with keeping up with blogging.

One thing about ya girl, I don't like not reaching goals I have set for myself. It's one thing to reach goals that other people have set for me, but when I set goals for myself, it's go time. I've been feeling so "blah" when it came to creating content but I feel like I'm back in my zone. I even have another idea lined up for next week or so. I'm excited to see what comes of this, and I'll keep you guys update as I reach them. Stay tuned! 😉

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