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Goodbye Gypsy; Hello Taylor Nicole ✨

About a week ago, I came to the realization about the name of my blog. I always knew there was some controversy around the term "gypsy" but I never knew how deep it was until recently. As a black woman, I know how harsh words could be and how they could affect a person. However; I came up with this term "Urban Gypsy" to pay homage to my love of street wear, with a mix of a bohemian style and free spirit. It was is NO way to offend or mock anyone of any culture, I just thought it was a cute description. But the same as if someone who wasn't of MY culture to call themselves "the n-word" because they think it's cool, it's not; so I just decided to change it.

I came up with the name "Urban Gypsy" in 2016 from there on it just stuck with me. I made it all of my social media handles, and of course the blog, people who knew me (some personally, some only online) would refer to me as such, etc. Recently, I was at work and one of my coworkers brought it to my attention that she thought it was a dope name, regardless of it being seen as a slur.

Uh, como se dice, huh?! A slur? As in racist? Oh no ma'am, no sir. Like I said before, I knew it was controversial but I didn't know it was considered a slur. After hearing that, my mind went into overdrive. It was time for a change. I spent about a week wrecking my brain, my fiance's brain, and my best friend's brain to figure out the perfect name to change it to. I tried different variations of my name, puns, etc. It took me a minute. That's when I decided on This Is Taylor Nicole. I feel like this is a reintroduction of myself. It's me, it's honest, it's true. I mean it speaks for itself, This Is Taylor Nicole, this is me. Same content, same style, no gimmicks. I honestly feel really good about the name change, seeing how I would never want to offend anyone of any lifestyle or culture. I had always wondered why the rapper Noname dropped "Gypsy" from her name and now I see why. I should've done research before putting so much effort behind the old name, but hey, you live and you learn. If I offended anyone, I'm honestly and truly apologetic. From here on out, This Is Taylor Nicole. 💋

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