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Update: Did I Reach Those 2018 Goals?

My first post for 2019! I have a new logo, thanks to my sis Crystal, and a new attitude towards posting blogs. After graduating college, I definitely experienced some sort of post-grad depression because I sort of felt lost. I didn't quite know which direction I wanted to go in when it came to my career and I just felt kind of stuck. I moved to a whole new city and I had to get accustomed to a much faster pace that I hadn't experienced in South Carolina. But, nevertheless, I got use to the city, I'm enjoying myself, and ya girl is even driving on the interstate! 🤪 Starting to feel like a real Georgia Peach around here.

Anyways, I began working as a bridal consultant when I first moved here but the more I worked there, the less I liked it. I won't bash anyone but my coworkers were bomb, the store just had other issues that they needed to work on and it wasn't organized and professional enough for me. I also began to feel like my personal bridal experience wasn't very important because I was so focused on doing my job. So I left. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It was a great experience and I learned a lot but I truly didn't enjoy it. Last September I made a blog post listing my goals for the end of 2018 and I can say that I definitely accomplished a few that I listed and even some that I didn't. I landed a job at a super cute store as a member of their management team, as well as social media captain for the store. I'm still getting use to everything but I LOVE it. So far, so good. I also finally purchased a MacBook. Another goal from my previous post that I reached. Ironically, right after I posted that blog, a homeboy of mine posted on his social media that he was selling his MacBook. If that wasn't a sign from God, I don't know what is. I didn't have the birthday party I wanted, do another photoshoot, OR secure my wedding venue yet, but I found a few that I absolutely love and currently weighing our options to get the best bang for our buck.

I also had a few more goals that I set out to accomplish but my biggest joy ending off 2018 was renting my new house! It’s such a dope experience to be living in such a nice house in a nice area and not having to pay a crazy amount of rent. Because my best friend moved in, and of course Mic, my fiancée, we get to split the rent 3 ways instead of having to pay a huge lump sum every month. I love my new home and I can't wait to deck it out in some DOPE decor. 😩 Between YouTube and my blog, I'll keep y'all updated throughout the process. See y'all soon!

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