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Interiors: The Urban Gypsy Way

Hi Gypsies! Sorry its been so long since I've posted, but its been a crazy couple of weeks for me. But I'll update you guys about all of that on another post. Today I'm here to talk about three interiors that I have found that I think relate to the style of my blog. The first home is pictured below.

This home belongs to a Beverly Hills, California hairstylist by the name of Christina Meneses. She transformed her home from an abandoned courtyard, into a gorgeous, bohemian styled home. Her living room caught my eye the most because its so stylish, yet minimalist at the same time. I love the various frames on the wall and the hardwood floor, while the set up of the couch and the artsy ceiling also add a nice flair to the look of the room as well. The huge windows allow the room to have an "airy" feel, while being a good source of natural light for the living room as a whole.

Home number 2 belongs to a young, married couple, Yadira and Greg Gomez, who was out to find a new living space after finding out that they were expanding their family. Their home can be described as minimal and has small hints of a bohemian/natural vibe. I fell in love with this home because of the tapestry that is hanging above the bed. I have one that is super similar to this one, except it is wider and is blue instead of black and white. I also love how their bed is more modern but it still holds that natural, and earthy vibe because of the dark wood frame.

The last and final home I chose to blog about is probably my favorite of the bunch. I love the idea of having an all white interior and it looks so clean and fresh. Sometimes, having a whole variety of color in one space can be a little overwhelming, and having too much of one color can be too bland, but with the color white, you can never go wrong. The owners, Stephanie and Patrick stated "Our decorating goal was to keep things simple and have open spaces for our children to be comfortable." I think they executed their idea perfectly. They get their stylish home, while giving their kids room to play and do what kids do. I am in love with the set up of the many windows in tier living room. I am a natural light freak and anytime I can get natural light, I am all for it. I also love the rug that is laid in the middle of the floor. It looks so cozy and comfortable. This room here is seriously living room goals.

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