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My New Smile! + GIVEAWAY ✨

     Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, but between wedding planning and working, ya girl has had her hands F U L L. A few months ago, a company by the name of Smile Brilliant reached out to me about an opportunity to try out their teeth whitening kit. As a former brace face, I’m really serious about the look of my teeth. My mom paid waaaay to much money for me to let it go to waste 😅. I definitely wanted to get my teeth whiten before our wedding so when this opportunity came about, I HAD to take it. 

     Teeth whitening is one of those things that I have always wanted to do, but never wanted to pay for. Especially after having my braces removed, I thought it would've been dope to be able to have straight AND sparkly white teeth. However, teeth whitening is usually considered a "cosmetic" procedure versus something that effects your health so most insurance companies don't cover it. Also, having to go to a dentist and have them poking and prodding in your mouth is beyond annoying to me. I truly cannot stand going to the dentist. 😩 

     The #1 perk of this Smile Brilliant kit is that you get to do it AT HOME. It's 100% on your own terms. At home teeth whitening depends on your dedication to the process and the results you want to see. I'm not the best with sticking to a routine, but this process was super simple and effective. 

     You'll receive a kit with the catalyst and charcoal to create your trays. Make sure you pay extra attention to this process because it is crucial to your whitening process. If your trays don't come out right, you will have to purchase more product to attempt to make another tray. The material does harden fast to be super attentive and thoroughly read through the instructions.

     Before inserting my custom made whitening trays, I made sure to brush my teeth with just water in order to remove anything that may have been in my teeth from the day. I'm kinda weird about certain things so I opted to use a brand new tooth brush versus my daily brush but that's not necessary. 

     I then used the whitening gel syringes to add a small amount of gel to the trays. You should be able to use one syringe for 3-4 applications. I could tell I tend to use a little too much gel but I was still about to manage about 3 applications per syringe. You can tell the you use too much gel if it seeps out of the sides once you place it in your mouth. I learned that the hard way, and it was not fun, 😂. 

     You can leave the whitening gel on for about 45 mins - 3 hours a day. I opted for 45 minutes, only because I'm very busy and my schedule can get a little hectic. Once you start your nightly whitening process, you don't want to eat or drink anything other than water for the rest of the night in order to make sure you're not interrupting the process. With my crazy schedule, sometimes I'm eating dinner at 8pm, sometimes it's 10pm so sometimes I don't have the time to stay up very late. I will say that I had to take a two day break during my whitening process. I experienced a bit of irritation but it was nothing that taking a few days off and their desensitizing gel couldn't fix. Once you're finished whitening for the night, whether you go for 45 minutes or 3 hours, just brush your teeth with a non-whitening toothpaste and you're good to go for the night. After a couple of days, I started receiving compliments from my fiancé and a few coworkers. 

     After a few days of whitening, I started getting compliments from my fiancé and a few coworkers. I'm truly in love with the results that I've gotten from Smile Brilliant! I would definitely recommend an at home teeth whitening kit for the busy man or woman who don't want to pay a bunch of money for profession teeth whitening. I even plan to whitening one more time before my wedding! I can't wait! Head to my Instagram (@thisistaylornicole_) for details about the giveaway! 

(Below, on the left is a pic from before I began my teeth whitening journey, and on the right is after!) 


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