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Welcome to the Month of Love ❤️

Hey Gypsies! So today is January 30th, which means February is right around the corner As everyone knows, February represents love because of Valentine's Day, with this month coming up, I decided to dedicate my weekly posts to highlight some of my favorite television, movie, and even real life black couples.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love, love. From movies, to weddings, to adding engagement videos on social media, in literally obsessed with it all, Lol. I've been sitting on this idea ever since the ADW post because of how much I love Whitley & Dwayne's relationship and how it progressed throughout the show.

Between that show, and lots of black films, especially from the 90's. I have sooo many favorites that I could name but I don't wanna ruin what I have in store; however, I can say that Martin and Gina are definitely not on there, lol I think they're cool and all but literally EVERYBODY talks about them and I want to shed light on some that I find dope that haven't gotten their shine. I hope you guys can wait patiently until next week! 🤗✨

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