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Happy Spring, Gypsies! 🌤🌳🌺

Hey Gypsyies! Today is officially the first day of spring, which also means it's the week of finals at this lovely art school that I attend. Instead of giving you guys a half behind post, filled with a bunch of nothing, I'd rather be open and honest with you guys. I'm in the process of moving, I have finals due, & my job is wearing me out. 😩

I'm not able to put 100% into the post this week & BUT next week I have a topic that I have been feeling passionate about lately and I'm excited for you guys to read it. I'm so excited about where this blog is headed and I have so many new & creative ideas.

I hope you guys enjoy what I have in store next & I hope you can understand my decision to lay off the posts this week. I can't wait to get back in action on the 27th! I hope you guys enjoyed your first day of spring & aren't stressing like I am. Happy spring to all my Urban Gypsies out there! ✨🌳🌺

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